3 Reasons Why Vietnamese Cuisine is Considered the Rising Star Among Asian Dishes


When you think about Asian food, you might immediately think about Chinese. There are hundreds of Chinese restaurants around the world. In London alone, you can go out to eat Chinese dishes each night for several days and you will still not be done. However, aside from Chinese food, Vietnamese food is also becoming more popular these days. There are 3 main reasons why Vietnamese dishes are now considered the rising star among Asian dishes.

  1. Appealing taste

There are dishes from certain countries that are not immediately liked due to them being an acquired taste. They might be too spicy. If not, they might taste weird. Most people would not even dare finish those dishes. However, Vietnamese dishes are seemingly generic in taste. It does not mean they taste bland. Instead, they are appealing to anyone, just like Chinese dishes. You might not have tasted these dishes before, but you will immediately like them. Whether you are Asian or European, it feels like you are familiar with the taste.

  1. Easy to prepare

This is another reason why there are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants opening everywhere in the world. It does not take much time to prepare Vietnamese dishes. The ingredients are also easily bought in local markets. There are authentic herbs and spices that need to be imported from Vietnam. However, almost everything else can be easily bought, especially in London. Vietnamese spring rolls for instance can be customised so that they include vegetables that can be easily bought locally. However, the taste is still authentic.

  1. Increase in demand

Though it seems like Vietnamese dishes are getting more popular in London, the truth is that they are also becoming more in demand in various countries around the world. In the US, there are also a lot of Vietnamese restaurants. In fact, they hire Vietnamese chefs to work for them so that the results are more authentic. People prefer dishes that taste exactly like the ones sold in Vietnamese streets. Therefore, they need not go to Vietnam if they wish to taste the best Vietnamese dishes.

These are just a few reasons why Vietnamese restaurants are becoming more popular. You will be surprised that there are some restaurants where you need to make advance reservations due to the number of people who are waiting to get in. It is best to check out the choices available and enjoy these restaurants. Some of them are fancy while others are regular restaurants. The prices also vary depending on the place that you choose. You can check out each place though until you find the Vietnamese restaurant London offers that you really love. You could even invite your family and friends next time.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net (holohololand)

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