3 Reasons To Use a Holster

For people who plan to carry a concealed weapon, an important part of the process involves finding a holster. In many parts of the United States, carrying a firearm around without having it in a holster is illegal. The laws regarding who can carry a gun and how vary from state to state. Even in areas that do not require a gun to be holstered, it is a good idea to use one anyway.

1. Concealment

An essential part of having a concealed weapon is keeping it hidden. Holsters are an excellent way to hide a gun. There are many types of concealed carry holsters, from traditional hip holsters to bra or ankle holsters. It is a good idea to try out the different kinds when looking for an ideal fit.

Even if the outline is bulky, as long as it breaks up the outline of the firearm so that onlookers do not realize what it is, it is considered effective at concealment. Having the gun tucked into a holster can also protect against accidental exposure. If the shirt, pants or other articles of clothing ride up during the day, the gun will be covered by a holster and not be seen by anyone nearby.

2. Safety

Most people who carry a weapon do so to keep themselves and others safe. Without a holster securing the weapon, the potential for all sorts of unsafe situations exist. Depending on the clothing worn and where the gun is put, it can slide around and become entangled or fall onto the ground. Trying to draw an unsecured firearm also increases the chances of accidentally pressing the trigger. The last thing anyone needs to have happen in an emergency is to be fumbling for a gun. Holsters keep the gun securely in place and protect the trigger.

3. Comfort

Carrying a concealed weapon is more for personal protection than personal comfort. The metal of a gun rubbing against the skin for hours at a time may be very annoying. Having something between the two will protect the skin from being irritated all day. A good holster can also distribute the weight of the gun more evenly, making it easier to carry around.

Being a responsible gun owner is a huge responsibility. When taking a gun out in public, it is vital that all the local laws are followed and the gun is kept properly secured at all times. A gun holster is an excellent way to ensure the welfare of the carrier and those around them.

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