3 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Football Fan

Purchasing the perfect gift for every important person in your life can be challenging. When one, or more, of those people are serious football fans, though, your choices are significantly narrowed down for you. With less choices, you will be able to purchase something you know that person will love. Autographed NFL jerseys, for example, are a gift that serious football fans will treasure. Since the value of some autographed jerseys increase over time, this will not be just a gift you are giving – it will be an investment for them, too.

Here are three gift ideas the football fan in your life will enjoy receiving.

Game Tickets

There is nothing like attending a sporting event. Even those who attend an event, but are not fans, cannot deny that there is something about the competition, roar of the crowd and the food. If you can score tickets as a gift for the football fan in your circle, chances are great that it will be appreciated. Any sports fan can attest that witnessing their team play and win in person is as good as it gets. The game, of course, will be more memorable if their team wins, but it is really more about the experience than anything else.


Part of the fun of being a fan of anything is showing your support when you are out and about. By wearing your favorite team’s gear in public, it creates camaraderie with those who also share your passion for that team. Within the gear category, the choices are many including shirts, jewelry and hats. If you have taken a mental inventory of the team gear items your recipient already owns, you further narrow down your choices. If you are not sure, teams upgrade and release new versions of their gear on a yearly basis.


In addition to signed jerseys, other memorabilia items are sure to be hit when given as gifts. Signed helmets, shoes and gloves are also wonderful items to give. If you are not able to procure signed gear, framed team pictures, mint coins and player cards bode well, too.

Giving gifts should be a fun experience for both you, the giver, and the receiver. If you know that one of your gift recipients is a hardcore football fan, consider gifting them game tickets, team gear or team memorabilia.

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