3 Benefits to using a free payment processor

A free payment processor is a company that is responsible for sending payment data from the merchant to the issuing bank and then to the acquiring bank without paying any fee. Typically, free payment processors help businesses to eliminate the problem of high costs of accepting debit and credit cards. Today, almost every business is receiving payments through credit and debit cards. Customers prefer a convenient and secure way of payment. It means, if your business deals with cash and rejects card payments, you are at high risk of losing customers. Meanwhile, here are three benefits of using a free payment processor.

  • It increases your savings. When you use a free payment processor, it means you save extra money on exempted significant charges. If you are a business owner it is critical you know that saving money is equivalent to making money. To clarify this statement, think of when you go for shopping. Everyone aims to find the best prices for the products he or she sells, and moreover anything you require to run the business. In the end, a smart business owner will realize the essence of saving an extra dollar. Typically, each dollar you save adds up more money in the bank at the end of the day.


  • Increases sales. As a result of how e-commerce has taken the trend in the world, consumers can comfortably buy many valuable products and items online. A business that uses a payment processor that does not charge the will sell its products at lower prices and eventually fetch more customers. On the other hand, it hurts to spend hard earned money on extra fees. Looking for a processor who exempts charges is a smart decision to make for your business. Also, since most people feel that debit/credit cards are convenient and secure methods of payment, establishing your business with a payment processor that does not charge merchant fees will let you meet customers’ expectations. In the end, it boosts your sales.


  • It facilitates the growth of a business. When you don’t pay merchant fees, your cash flow increases, meaning that you can expand your business. It means that the business can stay longer as it has sufficient cash to pay its employees, taxes, vendors, and other operating costs. Also, for you to expand your business, you need enough money. Once your business grows, it means the costs of running the business increase which requires you to have enough cash.

Every business aims to maximize its profit. In the current economic environment, you maximize profits subject to some constraints known as the costs of doing business. Having merchant fee included as a cost, you can evade them by establishing your business with a free payment processor. Also, if you run a small business it is advisable you run it alongside a payment processor that does not charge. Why? Many processors charge small businesses more fee than big businesses just because they are less productive.

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