2016 Resolutions – Try a New Hobby?

2016 is young and most of us have made plenty of resolutions to change our lives for the new year. What are your resolutions for the new year and what will you change? Taking up new hobbies is often on the top if the list, as it will give us the chance to embark on new challenges in life. Some of us will have chosen a new sport or things like cooking, maybe a new language. Here, we discuss a few new past times that might catch your attention and might stimulate you to change your life to the better


Games and Socialising

Games are a great way to improve one’s life. Board games, card games or games like bingo are the most popular amongst them. Why not try this with your friends? Many games, scrabble and bingo being on the forefront, can be played live or even online, where social networking can help establish new contacts and lasting friendships. Bingo is indeed one of the most popular games out there and if you want to try something new and very popular, go for online bingo. The online community has grown tremendously over the past years and created a fun experience for everyone, beginners to more experienced players.

New Sports

New sports are also often considered a great thing to try for the new year. Why not going for something more exotic like a martial art, rowing or climbing? They are all great sports to keep fit and to socialise. Making friends will be easy and this might change your life to the better! And, needless to say, sports are a great way to keep fit and keep your health in check.


Alas, music is a great way to learn new skills, to train the brain and to meet new people. Both, picking up an instrument and singing can be ways to get involved. There are plenty of opportunities out there and it is never too late to start. Delve into the fun!

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