Gentilini Wines, Kefalonia – Greece

Kefalonia’s Gentilini family, originally from Italy, traces its arrival on the Greek island back to the 1520s; several centuries later, in the early 20th century, the last Gentilini married a Kosmetatos and the name died out. Marianna Kosmetatos, a direct descendent of the Gentilini-Kosmetatos line, is the current owner and … Continue reading

Interview with Paul Cooijmans, Administrator of the Giga Society

“Membership of the Giga Society is ideally open to anyone outscoring .999999999 of the adult population on at least one of the accepted tests. This means that in theory one in a billion individuals can qualify. Please do not confuse this criterion with popularly published scores on childhood tests (which … Continue reading

Film Review: Now You See Me

Now You See Me is a very slick film indeed. Yes, I am saved! Like a man whose been stuck in a desert for weeks and finds an oasis to recover. I have revelled in the clever script and my want for entertainment has been quenched! This is more than … Continue reading

Dylan O’Brien: Hollywood’s Next Big Thing?

Prior to this year, actor Dylan O’Brien was relativity unknown. He’s been in acting circuit for just two years, starring in independent films such as High Road and The First Time. However he is best known for his role as Stiles Stilinski, the sidekick in the popular MTV series Teen … Continue reading

TV Review: Da Vinci’s Demons – The Lovers

Titled The Lovers (in keeping with the Tarot-themed titles of each episode), the most recent Da Vinci’s Demons episode is significantly stronger the previous one. Unlike the last episode, the two main plot-lines of the programme (Da Vinci searching for the mysterious Book of Leaves and the political dealings of … Continue reading