Festival Guide 2013: V Festival

If there’s ever that one person that the world wants to see, then you will find them at this year’s V Festival. This independent woman took some time out last year to have a baby but she comes storming back this year to cities and festivals all over the world. … Continue reading

Theatre Review: Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing comes to the stage. I definitely wanted to see this. Dirty Dancing is only one of three films that’s always in my top ten from the 1980s. Could this ‘Be My Baby’? or become a ‘Wipe-out’? If you’ve never ever seen the film? Why not?! Basically it’s coming … Continue reading

You’ve Graduated! Now What?! – Part 2

A career path is an excellent choice after all you have studied for years to get the qualification in your chosen field of interest. Getting your foot in the door straight after university is a wise idea as you can get experience and really chase the career you want from … Continue reading

A Weekend in Prague

Forget country cottage weekends in the UK; if you really want to broaden your horizons, the only way is Prague. The Czech capital is fast becoming one of Europe’s trendiest city break destinations, thanks to its jazz scene and strong pub culture, but there’s also plenty of history to uncover … Continue reading

Kickstarter: A Game-Changer for Independant Film Makers?

For a new unheard of film maker starting their career with no contacts and even less funds there are two routes to take. Route one, send their script to major film companies in the hope that someone will like their idea enough to create it, or route two, be funded … Continue reading

Human brain research Made Easier by Database

Alzheimer’s Research UK has welcomed a new online database that will allow scientists to access brain tissue to study diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Researchers will be able to access samples from more than 7,000 donated human brains to help study major brain diseases, thanks to the database, launched by the … Continue reading

Emily’s Fashion Trends – Spring/Summer 2013

I think we can officially start moving on from the layers and winter clothing, albeit we’re in May now we can really have a bit of a trend-binge to make up for the lost weeks of strolling into spring. Before we sprint faster than Usain Bolt into summer trends it … Continue reading

Film Review: Bernie

There are times when it just works. There are times when the soufflé rises just right. Sometimes it’s explainable, but if we’re being honest, it’s best when it happens miraculously. That’s how I felt when I watched “Bernie.” It’s difficult to describe – as a complete work – what it … Continue reading

A Most Particular Taste: Haut-Brion 350 Years Celebration Dinner

On April 10th 1663, diarist, Cambridge-graduate and upwardly-mobile man-about-town, Samuel Pepys wrote to have “drank a sort of French wine called Ho Bryen that hath a good and most particular taste I never met with”, thereby inventing the tasting note. Haut-Brion, the only Bordeaux first growth based outside the Medoc, was … Continue reading

Say Hello to a Fun-Filled Holiday

Planning your next great getaway can be tricky – you have to consider so many things, which include your flights, transfers, accommodations, entertainment options, and so much more. To relieve you from the headache of planning, however, you can go for a unique solution: all-inclusive packages. All-inclusive deals can be … Continue reading

Potential New Alzheimer’s Drug Passes Phase 2 Trials

American Academy of Neurology Conference: Safety and efficacy of ORM-12741 on cognitive and behavioural symptoms in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group, multicenter, proof-of-concept 12-week study. Researchers have found a potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s, ORM-12741, may improve some memory problems when used in combination with … Continue reading