2019 – How to Manage New Year’s Resolutions

December 31st 2012 – on New Year’s Eve many of us decided on a list of new year’s resolutions, be it to work harder, spend more time with family and friends, loose weight and get fitter and so on. However, after only a few days many of us have forgotten most of these resolutions and carry on with our every day life and loose ourselves in stress at work again.January-health-image

Listen to your principles

One of the pillars in my life are my principles. Each one of us has their own set of principles and morals and these are anchored in our surroundings and ourselves. These principles help structure our lives and help us realise our dreams. They also help us put all these resolutions into context and realise some of them in the greater frame work of our lives.

Be prudent but adamant

Most of us will have many ambitions and resolutions for the New Year. If you put too much on your plate, failure will follow suit. Be prudent and choose a few goals that you can manage. Little but firm steps are often long-lasting whereas the occasional big leap can backfire.

Make a list

I love making lists and work through them. The same principles can be applied to your New Year’s Resolutions. If you tackle one challenge at the time you are more likely to see long-lasting results.

Follow things through

Do not give up when things become difficult. if you set yourself a challenge, stick to it. Goals such as ‘losing weight’ are challenges and require will-power. Remember that January is cold and boring and the festive times have just past. Close your eyes from time to time, remember your principles and remember that your resolutions are part of a bigger dream and the bigger picture.

Rely on your friends

Ask your family and friends to help you with your goals. They can support you and help you when things become tricky. Do not try to fight every battle alone, but try to help them and they will help you.

Disappointment is part of life

Not everything will work. There will be draw backs. Do not dwell on them, but stand up and carry on. Obstacles are there to be overcome and the more challenging your resolutions, the more draw backs you may encounter. Battle on!

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