Trends for Autumn / Winter 2012

Dust off the hats, grab the gloves and mummify yourself with your scarf’s – here comes the cold! Now, I could state the obvious and simply say “wrap up” but we all know this! What’s under those layers needs to stir up this drab weather. Now ladies, when I say to drab … Continue reading

Southampton Scientists Reveal New Clues to Alzheimer’s Risk Gene

A study by scientists at the University of Southampton has revealed new clues to why people who carry the Alzheimer’s risk gene APOE4 may be more likely to develop the disease. The findings, which link the risk gene to clearance of the hallmark Alzheimer’s protein amyloid, take scientists a step … Continue reading

Win Tickets to BBC Good Food Show Winter

City Connect has teamed up with – the blog written by our Food Writer Nayna Kanabar – to offer readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the BBC Good Food Show Winter taking place at the NEC Birmingham between 28 November and 2 December 2012. The Prize Draw closes … Continue reading

Book Review: Detective Leonard Makes an Entrance

The story opens very directly and in-your-face as our first-person narrator Simone Seabolt introduces herself to the reader by telling us; “In the scheme of this story at least, I’m not very important.” From then on, Detective Leonard makes his entrance into the text before he is physically made present. … Continue reading

Immunotherapy May Stabilise Alzheimer’s Symptoms: Phase 2 Trial Report

Results of a phase two clinical trial suggest an immunotherapy treatment may be able to stabilise Alzheimer’s symptoms over three years. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College, in New York, tested intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) – a treatment that is currently given to people with immune deficiencies – in people with … Continue reading

Win Tickets to Ideal Home Show Christmas 2012

City Connect has teamed up with – the blog written by our Food Writer Nayna Kanabar – to offer readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2012 taking place at London’s Earls Court on 14-18 November. The Prize Draw closes … Continue reading

Gangnam Style: PSY’s K-Pop Phenomenon

What is “Gangnam Style”? You’ve perhaps seen the YouTube “Gangnam Style” music video that went viral within weeks. Or maybe you’ve heard of PSY – the artist behind “Gangnam Style”. You’ve possibly even tried to do the “Gangnam Style” galloping horse dance moves in the privacy of your own home… … Continue reading

Dietary Supplement Citicoline May Slow Decline in Vascular Dementia

Italian researchers presented findings from a study using citicoline in people with mild vascular dementia. The dietary supplement is a naturally occurring compound needed for the production of the fats which make up the membranes of our cells. It is believed that citicoline may help repair damage from injured blood … Continue reading

Older Binge Drinkers Warned of Risk of Cognitive Decline

The findings of two new studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2012 (AAIC 2012) in Vancouver have highlighted patterns of alcohol consumption that may increase risk of cognitive problems. The research cautions that moderate alcohol use by women and binge drinking by people who are not normally heavy … Continue reading

A Blooming Lovely Donation

The Courtyard at The Sick Children’s Trust’s Acorn House at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge is looking ‘blooming’ beautiful thanks to a ‘bunch’ of donations from local garden centres and a local sculptor. Scotsdales Garden Centre, Polhill Garden Centre at Coton Orchard and Oakington Garden Centre all in Cambridge donated potted … Continue reading

Art Deco in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s artisan design movement today could be seen as an extension of its Art Deco past. Once home to Dutch Art Deco movement’s forerunner – Jan Torooper, his influence can be seen everywhere. Torooper was born and part-raised in former Dutch colony of Indonesia. His influence, and Indonesian past can … Continue reading