UK’s Leading Dementia Research Charity Increases Commitment to £20m

UK dementia scientists are set to gain from a huge funding boost after Alzheimer’s Research UK committed a record amount of money to new research projects. The UK’s leading dementia research charity has pledged a further £5.5m investment in new projects, increasing its current commitment to research to over £20m. … Continue reading

Film Review: Killing Them Softly

Killing Them Softly is a film about incompetent gangsters. Seriously, these gangs certainly aren’t The Sopranos. We feel for Brad Pitt’s hitman Jackie Cogan, who is exasperated when he learns the very people he is tracking down almost want to be caught. When you see Cogan’s frustration, you might even … Continue reading

Film Review: The Myth of the American Sleepover

The Myth of the American Sleepover will for many be one of the most nostalgic films of the year. Anyone who remembers being a teenager, and the growing pains that ensue when adulthood beckons will find something bittersweetly familiar about this teen drama. And while all the elements of this … Continue reading

Fashion Update: Autumn/Winter 2012

With fashion – it just gets better, what with Marc Jacobs rolling in with models on a Louis Vuitton train at Paris fashion week, it really sets what were in for this season! For women the shapes of the clothing seen on the catwalk this season are still between athletic … Continue reading

From Little Acorns Grow Big Ideas

More than 300 families each year will have somewhere to stay close by to their sick child thanks to a new ‘Home from Home’ opened today by The Sick Children’s Trust. at the new Rosie hospital, Cambridge. The charity launched a £400,000 appeal to build the house in Spring 2011 … Continue reading

Wine of the Month – September

After an August break during which the CWB household travelled to Burgundy and the south of France, we returned to a cold, wet and miserable late British “summer”. Now, with the schools just back, that seems like a distant memory with temperatures rising and a barbecue Indian Summer in the … Continue reading

Grand Designs for Charity’s New ‘Home from Home’

Renowned British designer, Emma Bridgewater, has provided a much needed boost to a Cambridge based charity’s fundraising campaign with the donation of some of her famous home ware. Emma has donated dinner plates, side plates and mugs to The Sick Children’s Trust’s new ‘Home from Home’ at the Rosie hospital … Continue reading

Film Review: Shadow Dancer

Recently the spy genre, that usually involved tuxedos, continental locations, and loads of explosions, has been brought crashing back down to Earth. Now even the new James Bond film will be taking place in London’s underground. Spies are going through a bit of a reality check, and Shadow Dancer is … Continue reading