The Bourne Legacy

 The Bourne Legacy was always a risky venture, making a sequel with an all new cast. There’s no Matt Damon and even a new director. But this movie is simply fantastic. Jeremy Renner has a great deal of screen charisma. Although it has a slow start, once the action begins it … Continue reading

Fight by Gabriella Ellis now on iTunes

You are probably familiar with Gabriella Ellis from her apperance on the popular E4 structured reality TV show Made in Chelsea which portrayed her relationship and eventual break-up from Ollie Locke. The very public break-up and alledged extreme editing from producers resulted in Gabriella coming across as bitchy especially in her … Continue reading

Review of “The Magdalene Sisters”

This week, Bianca Lorena reviews “The Magdalane Sisters” Directed By Peter Mullan, Released in 2002, 119 minutes Running Time Cast- Eileen Walsh as Crispina, Dorothy Duffy as Rose/Patricia, Nora Jane-Noone as Bernadette, Anne-Marie Duff as Margaret, and Geraldine McEwan as Sister Bridget. The Magdalene Sisters is a powerful and emotional yet poignant … Continue reading

Does Cinema Need Remakes? – Part 2

The comparisons made in Part 1 of this article are reminiscent of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I personally watched the 2011 American re-make first, and visually it was mind blowing. From the opening titles alone with its incredible graphics and the pulsing beat of “Immigrant song”, a cover … Continue reading

Technology, Time and Ageing

The question that many polymaths, scientists, technology-enthusiasts and intellectuals have been curious about ever since educational institutions were introduced is- will the world reach the period where the length of human life can be expanded? Many individuals in the global society have wished to look younger when their facial characteristics … Continue reading

Cricket: Long Marston Vs Twyford

A cloudy Saturday at Marlins resulted in Long Marston 1st XI suffering their second heavy defeat in as many weeks at the hands of early pace setters Twyford at home. With key players coming back and a stronger team out than the week before, Australian captain Peter Toovey once again … Continue reading

Does Cinema Need Remakes? – Part 1

2012 in film, the year of re-releases, squeals, prequels and re-makes. It begs the question, “has Hollywood lost all originality?” With classic films being re-marketed as 3D despite the technological gap and franchises such as Ice Age reaching its fourth instalment it does make you wonder about the future of … Continue reading

Finding it Hard to Wake Up in the Morning?

London Life Coach & Relationship Expert Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks about waking up energised in the morning. Follow Sloan on Twitter @SloanSW_London and check out Sloan’s website Thank you for your question regarding the fact that you find it difficult to wake up in the morning. I often hear my … Continue reading

Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Last week Eric Wood reviewed the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. This week Erzi Paris gives us his take on the finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. On the whole The Dark Knight Rises was good. I won’t give too much away. An action movie to please, this film ticks … Continue reading