Film Review – Woody Allen: A Documentary

Earlier this year, Woody Allen won his fourth Oscar, the award for Best Original Screenplay for his hugely enjoyable film Midnight in Paris. The presenter of the award Angelina Jolie had to accept the award on his behalf, due to Woody Allen once again not attending the ceremony. He has … Continue reading

Tate Modern Exhibitions: Damien Hirst and Kusama

I must admit that I was in two minds about seeing the Hirst exhibition, and after a long drive and walk through the tourist throng I was hoping for something new and surprising. But as I passed through the show I just couldn’t get a ker-ching sound from my mind … Continue reading

Wimbledon – History and a Bluffers Guide

City Connect loves attending Wimbledon but for those of you whom have yet to attend the best bluffers guide to behind the scenes at Wimbledon is found on its very own webpage. THE HISTORY OF THE CHAMPIONSHIPS Wimbledon 2012 will be the 126th time that The All England Lawn Tennis … Continue reading

Wirra Wirra The 12th Man Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills

This Wirra Wirra The 12th Man Chardonnay hails from the Adelaide Hills in Australia and is aged in French oak. Australia was the first country to give us big, ripe, buttery Chardonnay – a style that spread across the (New) World only to be usurped in a backlash against oak … Continue reading

Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom

There are few things quite as intriguing, and yet familiar in cinema than a Wes Anderson film. He manages to invent a world of his own, with his own rules, and yet the central story always carries resonance with its audience. Moonrise Kingdom is yet another brilliant Anderson-esque tale, carrying … Continue reading

Buying the Right Duvet for Summer

June has been colder than usual this year but as the weather hopefully warms up, it will be time to say goodbye to the heavier autumn/winter duvets we’ve been snuggling under and say hello to the light summer duvets that will keep us cool over the next few months. A … Continue reading

Nuts About Coconut Water

"coconut water","Bali coconuts"

In this short series, we’ll be looking at new “Super Food” and trendy tropical export – the coconut. Although people in the Tropics have been happily enjoying them for centuries, the coconut is now making a big name for itself here in the UK. We kick off the series this week focusing … Continue reading

Film Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

You may get the feeling while watching Snow White and the Huntsman that you’ve seen it before. You’re probably right about that. We’ve had so many of these fairy tale stories over the last few years that you would think film producers would have taken the hint by now, every … Continue reading

Geo F Trumper: Shaving, Artisan Style

Since 1875, George F. Trumper serviced the shaving needs of British aristocracy, and now has found itself known as one of the most luxurious men’s barbery goods and perfumes. Trumper’s products have hit the mark when it comes to a soft, lathery finish for facial shaving—or any other part of … Continue reading