10 Reasons Why You SHOULD Have Sex Before Marriage

This is a topic which I know that many people feel very strongly about.  It’s still quite a controversial issue for some people.  You don’t have to be Christian or Amish to appreciate the sweet taste of abstaining it’s something that many people decide to take control of and is almost a rite of passage for some.  However If any of my beautiful readers were thinking about abstaining until marriage then here are a few reasons why it might work in your favour not to.

1. Having sex with just one partner your whole life?  Now where the fun in that?  This does not make for very exciting girlie gossip!  Now this maybe ok for the likes of Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella.  But the fact of the matter is one person your whole life is a waste of sexual prowess.  I’m not saying spread yourself too thinly around the estate, but kiss a shirt and shoes combo’s until you know what you actually like.

2. There might not be any chemistry between the two of you.  Of course he’s a hottie and you’re a hottie but that doesn’t make for fantastic sex between the two of you.  Shame really as it would make life a lot simpler if every hot guy was great in bed!  Sadly though this is not the case and tight buns do not make for porn star sex.

3. What if after all the years of self-medicating you realise that your marriage guy turns out to be more socks in the sack than sex god.  He may not know is G spot from his G string and surely that’s going to be detrimental for any marriage!


4. What if you have chosen the wrong sex? You wait all this time to marry the man of your dreams and find the one only to realise its chicks you like instead.  You haven’t experienced your sexuality in your 20’s like you are supposed to!  If you have never tried kissing or being with someone of the same sex (or anyone for that matter) how do you know that you’re sure that’s what you like?  Sexuality is a minefield in the lead up to adulthood, experience as much as you can before you get married as once you’re married its frowned upon to be sleeping with your best mate apparently.

5. Size.  Look I’m sorry but unless you have experience a few altercations with the odd small fry then you’re not going to know how to handle it.  Now I’m not saying bigger is better, not at all, it’s just that some questionable sizes may need a little more manoeuvring than others.  It’s always nice to have a little warning before you marry into the goods.  Instead of getting down on your wedding day to Justin (Just In geddit)

6. Size.  Now just as big can be as shocking a just as small, a lot of work and preparation also goes into the work of a very large, very well endowed member.  A girl will need some time to prepare (3 months of pelvic floor exercises should do it)

7. Being on the same sexual wave length.  What if you decide you like some ‘red room’ treatment but your new found married guy is more of a lights off under the sheets kind of guy?  Hoping to get spanked but only receiving a light hearted tickle will make for very long, very cold winter nights.


8. Not having anyone to compare your partner to.  If you have no one to compare them too then how will you know how to do things?  And more importantly how you like things to be done to you.   This can make for very frustrating love making at times!

9. What if you don’t get married until you 60?  Deciding to wait until sex before marriage and then realising that you haven’t actually found anyone would be detrimental!  I’m not saying do it with the first tom, dick at traffic light night but sometimes being too cautious and too picky can make for unrealistic goals.  There are a lot of great guys out there, sure not all are marriage material but many are great practise runs.  As my mum says you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. You would have gone your whole life with nothing but a pet rabbit for company.

10. The first time hurts.  Get that out the way before your wedding night, otherwise it’s some awkward manoeuvres in the dark and some slow, painful sex.  Hmm romantic.

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