10 Perfect gifts to give your boyfriend/husband

Relationships are sometimes simple, and sometimes complicated. There are some days when it goes smoothly with affection, and sometimes you have to work extra hard to make it work. Every couple has a different story, so their definition of relationship is different as well. Some are pretty private, some believe in PDA. Some like to be comfortable and cosy and others believe in always keeping the spark alive.

However you may define and live your relationship, there is one thing which is certain in any kind of relation. One thing without which it is hard to survive any relationship; that is- Expression! Expression is the essence of relationship. Relationships get stronger when you express your feelings. Expression of one’s feelings helps the relationship in following ways:

  1. In the initial stage of the love relation, confessing or expressing your feelings helps to ignite the love in relationship and ensures the attraction from both ends. It helps in building a good foundation for the relationship.
  2. Once you are into the relationship for real, along with attraction, understanding is also necessary. Understanding helps to make the bond stronger than before. It takes the relationship to another level.
  3. After the honeymoon period gets faded, couples tend to start fight with each other. During this phase, the couples have the option either to let go and give up on each other, or try and make it work by communication their point of views and feelings.
  4. Once your relationship reaches a certain maturity, there is a severe need to re-ignite the long lost spark which was there in the initial stages. This can be easily achieved in expressing your love in any form.

Now expression is not only just about words. Expressing is more than just talking. They can be in various forms. Showing lovely gestures to your loved ones, surprising, however big or small, makes anyone happy-, making birthdays and anniversaries special and much more.

Boys have many options when giving something to girls. But girls usually tend to be stuck when it comes to boys. There are very limited options with boys. Giving the perfect gift is an art, and yes girls, we know you like to be perfect at almost everything. So here is the list of things that will definitely help you if you want to buy a perfect gift for your boyfriend/ husband:

  1. Surprise him: It’s a cliché that it’s the boy’s job to surprise his girlfriend, and it is the girls who need all the pampering. Boys also need attention and special treatment. They deserve surprises as much as girls do. Surprise him when he is least expecting. Set up his favourite location (preferably a quiet place) and decorate it with white drapes, his favourite flowers and candles. Play his favourite song in the background and have the evening of your life. If he is more of a party person, you can also plan a surprise party with all his and yours best friends and party all night long till the sun comes up.
  2. Plan a trip: Planning a trip is like déjà vu. You plan it and talk about it all the time, again and again repeatedly, yet it rarely happens. You make it happen this time! If not a big trip, plan a weekend getaway. The exhaustion of work and monotonous routine usually takes away the fun out of a relationship. This trip will definitely excite him and make him happy. It will eventually be one of your finest moments together as a couple. You can go to his favourite destination which he will enjoy as usual, or you can also try a new destination and make new memories together.
  3. Jewellery: Gifting jewellery is one of the most special gestures that one can give in a relationship. Jewellery indicates how special you are in someone’s life and what you mean to them. It not just a fashion statement, but depicts commitment. Jewellery for men is not unusual. There is variety of range in men’s jewellery like bracelets, rings and pendants. If you are looking for chains, there is a fabulous variety and collection of gold chains for men at Frost NYC . So if you are looking for something special to gift your boyfriend/ husband, then don’t hesitate. Go ahead. It will be his most treasured and memorable gift ever.
  4. Latest gadget: If your guy is a techno junkie, then there is no better thing to present him other than from his favourite field. Technology in gadgets keeps on updating in very short intervals. So even if he has similar things, give the latest version of those things. Mobile phone of his favourite brand, the latest smartwatch, laptop or tablet; are the major things that can be gifted. If you do not want to for something this expensive, then you can go for a good quality headphones, Bluetooth headset, speaker system and other less expensive but useful gizmos.
  5. For music lover: There are lots of lovely options if your guy is a dedicated music lover. You can buy him tickets for the concert by his favourite singer, or band which he will enjoy the most. If he is a fan of old songs and classics, you can gift him an entire collection of his favourite tracks from his favourite singers and bands. You can also surprise him with a karaoke night, along with his friends and family. Other than these options, you can also choose to give him music gadgets like his personal karaoke kit or a boom box. For a classic lover, you can give him the antique music system or even a Walkman which will take him to his childhood.
  6. Adventurous day: If the guy you are dating or you are married to, is a child at heart; he will love the adventurous day you have planned for him. There are amazing options of spending an adventurous day- you can go to an amusement park and spend the whole day, making happy the child in your heart. You can have your own camping trip under the stars. You should check the weather conditions before planning, and it would be perfect if you plan according to a meteor shower or some other sky spotting activity. You can also plan a mystery party for him, where all of your friends can play games like Treasure hunting, Murder mystery party and much more.
  7. For sport’s freak: For a person who loves sports, they will go crazy for anything and everything that you give him related to sports. Give him his whole day with his favourite sport. Start by taking him to the game he loves so much, be it soccer or cricket. If you cannot manage to go to the game, you can take him to his favourite sports bar and enjoy the game with full enthusiasm. You can also buy him accessories of his favourite team, for example- giving him a Liverpool tie or shoes, or Manchester united sweatshirt.
  8. Couple massage: With lots of hard work, time and effort you put into your work, a little bit of relaxation and peace is required for both of you. A spa will soothe all of your tensions and meanwhile, you both will be able to spend a considerable amount of time together as well. You can also choose a spa resort; have a relaxing weekend with your loved one.
  9. Hand love: When you make something with your own hands and creativity, you put so much of love in that gift that it is of no measure if we compare them to materialistic gifts. Every once in a while, make something of your own. A heartfelt greeting, a collage of your favourite pictures together, maybe even a video recording of you singing or expressing your love; these are some beautiful things that you can make easily. You can also opt for cooking if your boyfriend/husband is a big foodie. Prepare him a breakfast or dinner with his favourite dishes and dessert. It is rightly said that the way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  10. Gym equipment: If your man is passionate about his health and loves working out, you would know how much his gym equipment and health shakes mean to him. Nothing would make him happier than to get a gym membership and some protein shakes. You can also get him some of the equipment that can be accessible at home. A couple membership of a gym is also a great way for you both to spend some healthy time together.

So these were the best quality gifts that you can give to your man, and make him truly happy. He can always cherish these gifts and memories. It does not matter if the present is big or small; but whatever you decide to give him, do it with all your heart because that is what matters to him the most and your relationship is worth all this effort.

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