Happy Birthday Stephen Fry


City Connect celebrates the birthday of actor and writer Stephen Fry. Fry is known for his erudite personality which is evident in his writing and TV appearances on such programmes as BBC’s QI. He is notable as a person with Bipolar Disorder (sometimes called manic depression) and Fry presented a two-part BBC … Continue reading

Vegetarian pancakes/omelette


Savoury Pancakes or Gujarati Pudlas made with vegetables and chickpea flour are made from Chickpea flour, vegetables, spice and herbs and look like a pancake, uttapam or a spanish omelette. Savoury Pancakes or Gujarati Pudlas made with vegetables and chickpea flour dish is very popular in most Gujarati homes. It’s … Continue reading

How Depression and Mental Illness Are Intertwined

Did you know that depression and mental illness are intertwined and often lead to a dual diagnosis? In fact, clinical depression has already been linked with several other mental ailments, including panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, and anxiety disorders. Millions of people are affected by these conditions, so … Continue reading

Beat The Holiday Bulge!

Fiona Kirk_Fat in the City_Square Logo

Recognise this very frustrating scenario? You have been super-disciplined for a few weeks or longer , you have lost weight, you are looking and feeling good, you are ready to bare all on the beach and determined to enjoy every single minute of your well-deserved break. But, somehow or other … Continue reading

Three Versions of Spaghetti Bolognese

spaghetti bolognese

Keifer Derrin of food blog DonkeyFodder.com shares a collection of three delicious but different recipes for bolognese sauce. I was visiting some friends  a while back and when I woke up, there was a wonderful aroma permeating around the house. I dragged my tired carcass into the kitchen where my … Continue reading