Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Nothing Personal”

The show’s villains: Ward and Deathlok. Nothing Personal should be the episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in which the pace and tension is fired up; preparing the audience and the characters for the season finale. After several strong, suspense-filled episodes, Nothing Personal should be the episode in which everything is … Continue reading

The Need For Speed

Need for Speed

Need for Speed is a great racing film, lots of excellent car chases, mayhem and destruction! It stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Dominic Cooper (Fleming‘s Bond). There’s also another familiar face for me Ramon Rodriguez – (Bosley – New Charlie’s Angels) who is one of the better ground workers. … Continue reading

Goodbye Honeymoon… Hello Relationship


The honeymoon period in most relationships is usually crammed with the culmination of endearing gestures, poignant revelations and spontaneous acts. From being contentedly overwhelmed by the late night phone calls and flirty text messages, to the impulsive date nights and that feeling of being totally besotted with each other; it … Continue reading

What to Do About Boring Facebook Baby Talk

baby boredom

Adrian Fernand – Australia’s seriously stylish agony uncle and creator of – answers your questions on life, the universe and everything. This week, Adrian has advice on how to deal with Facebook friends boring you about their babies. Dear Agony Uncle, I’ve hit the age where all of my … Continue reading

Causes of the Obesity Pandemic


In spite of all the modern advances in science and pharmaceutical health in the developed countries, we still face one major health concern which affects our cardiovascular health and wellbeing – obesity. Although there are a multitude of causes, the result is the same for all, almost all obese people have … Continue reading

How to Speak Up Whilst Dining Out


Dear Agony Uncle, I recently visited a local restaurant with a good reputation for food and service—usually a relaxed atmosphere and easy to keep one’s head down—however, for a party of five booked in advance, we were shown to a table for four. With one “emergency chair” placed at the … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Protein Amyloid is Strong Predictor of Memory Decline

Senior lady and her granddaughter

Research from Australia has revealed that the presence of the hallmark Alzheimer’s protein amyloid in the brain is a greater predictor of memory decline than carrying the Alzheimer’s risk gene APOE4. The research is published on 16 October in the journal Neurology. The protein amyloid occurs naturally in the brain, … Continue reading

Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes stars Sir Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Vicious). This is a different take on the famous detective, in this film Holmes is over 90 years old and suffering with his memory. He is trying to piece together his last case. He is aided this time … Continue reading

Psychology of Spending: How to Program Yourself to Save Money


In 1972, professor Walter Mischel published the results of a study conducted at Stanford University that would gain steady notoriety in the decades that followed, eventually becoming known as “The Marshmallow Experiment.” The study recorded and analyzed the behaviors of preschool students who were given an uncomplicated choice: one marshmallow now or … Continue reading

How To Stop Someone Chewing With Their Mouth Open


Dear Agony Uncle, How do I tell my housemate nicely that she really needs to close her mouth while she chews? Seriously, she is a 20-year-old! Chewed Up Dear Chewed Up, Chewing with one’s mouth closed is one of the simplest bodily functions that divides the cultured from the zoo … Continue reading

Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee

Black Coffee is an Agatha Christie novel turned into a play. Jason Durr played the great Hercule Poirot! Black Coffee was first produced as a play back in the 1930s. The Belgian detective Agatha Christie created would go on to appear in more than 30 novels alone! Black Coffee starts … Continue reading

Casts Away!

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New drug may reverse the effects of osteoporosis, but caution is warranted. A new drug, recently featured in a top medical journal, could be that ‘magic bullet’ needed for the three million UK osteoporosis sufferers. Studies have highlighted a number of benefits, including increased bone formation and bone mineral density, … Continue reading

Primers: Is Your Face in It’s Prime?

Emily Make Up

Firstly – welcome to my first beauty post! I will be posting weekly tips, tutorials and advice on things to do with beauty – topics that fall into that are make-up, hair and miscellaneous beauty products! Reader input is always welcome, be it questions, opinions etc, anyway, I digress and … Continue reading

How to be a Gay Cougar


Adrian Fernand – Australia’s seriously stylish agony uncle – answers your questions on life, the universe and everything. This week, Adrian has advice on how a confirmed homosexual bachelor can become a gay cougar. Dear Agony Uncle, As a long-established (homosexual) bachelor who has never felt the need to compromise myself … Continue reading